-- Wedding Videography That Matters --



Because without it, no one will remember your dance moves! …or what you promised during your vows or the words he spoke to you during his speech.  You’ll miss the laughter, tears and toasts that really good wedding videography is made for.  This ship sails just once, and you sure as hell want to remember this party… ok maybe bar some of the dance moves though!

When it’s done right, wedding videography can be one of the most powerful mediums to remember your wedding day through.  It’s a time capsule to hold on to, and a movie screening your future kids will absolutely adore.  This is why we do it.  Because a meaningful, beautifully made wedding video will always be of worth.

-- Wedding Videos That Mean Something --



We’re 100% candid, totally hands off wedding videographers who’ll spend the day with you, to tell your story however it unfolds. There’s no template, take two, or “do this over here” coming from our corner. Your wedding video is a completely genuine, cheese-free reflection of everything you want to remember, and nothing you don’t.



We make short, engaging films you’ll watch over and over again.  We’ll tell your story and what matters most to you.   The excitement, the personality, and all the shenanigans that come together to make your day what it is.

So here’s a selection of short stories we’ve had the privilege of telling on people’s wedding days. Each film is 100% inspired by who our couples are and the moments that made their day unique and meaningful to them.

-- Wedding Videography That Moves You --


Let’s Chat!!!  We’re Auckland Wedding Videographers.  But if the stars align, we’ll happily travel wherever the adventure takes us.  Our Premium Storytelling Packages start at $4490.  Click here to see our full prices.  So get in touch below and hopefully we can tell your story too!


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