Wei Ren + Garbo

Decoding the Garbo
Unique Chinese Wedding

Videoed by Jared

In 1992, John Gray wrote a book called ‘Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus’. Almost 30 years on, a successor to that book may have been born. With the working title of ‘Decoding the Garbo’ it captures some very detailed ways in which new grooms can help to understand their brides for a more successful beginning to their marriage.

But sometimes, (for a reason unknown to me), the communication from Venusians can be quite clear. For example, NO MONEY, NO TALK is quite self-explanatory. But Wei Ren and his sneaky groomsman somehow found a way to exchange empty red-envelopes and some impromptu serenading (if you could call it that) for a way to Garbo’s heart. So it seems it’s not just women who are creative in their communication…

But even if Garbo and Wei Ren do come from different planets, they’re remarkably alike in many ways. They both love their sports (they met playing badminton where Wei Ren was instantly smitten). They both love cooking and they both have the same fun, quirky and chill nature about them both.

So this film is not just a capture of ‘what technically happened on the wedding day’ (although it is that), but it’s also a story told that’s inspired by who Wei Ren and Garbo really are as people and what makes them tick.

So here’s their little film. And for those men out there who are still trying to woo a Venusian … argh, try singing?? Apparently that works…


The wedding was shot at the lovely Kumeu Valley Estate. The book Decoding the Garbo is still at the editor’s as they finesse their decoding machines.

Till next time!


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