Rabbi + Deb

My Beloved Is Mine, And I Am His
A Jewish Wedding Celebration

Jewish Wedding Auckland

Filmed by Jared and Paul
Photographed by Amber, Zahn and Ofri

I knew it was coming, but this Jewish Wedding stopped me in my tracks. We all celebrate life in our own way, but there’s no ignoring the fact that the Jewish have got a pretty special way of doing it!

Being immersed in their culture for one evening, I witnessed the human experience explode right in front of me. Something that words simply can’t capture the measure of what was felt.  Great poets somehow manage to express the wonder of life through written words, but that is not a talent I’m blessed with. I, like you, am lost for words in moments like these. The private memories and emotions are still there, but they’re locked inside my mind. A blur of wonder that only I can know.

Jewish Wedding Dancing

So there I am, deep inside a Hebrew Synagogue with two love-struck individuals embraced by a community of faithful experiencing an explosion of life and love that the Jewish all have within them. Although the pen fails me with the poetry I can write here, there is one medium I have learnt to communicate through. That of the moving image. It’s my feeble attempt at capturing the magic that’s so hard to express in words and giving you a glimpse of what we all witnessed and Rabbi and Deb felt within.

We are all blessed to be here, to celebrate life and love for a few short years. It was an absolute privilege to absorb and experience what it means to be human, and what love is.

I’m not Jewish, but can you please adopt me? You have figured out how to celebrate humanity like no other, and it’s beautiful.


Filmed at the beautiful Hebrew Congregation in Auckland. We also photographed their wedding.

Till next time, Jared, Paul, Amber, Zahn and Ofri

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