Ajmal + Yumna

The Price Of Milk
A Pakistani/Indian Wedding

Pakistani Wedding Video

Videoed by Jared and Jay

We’d been warned, but we never expected the final ceremony to be so powerful. In a Pakistani Wedding, the Rukhsati Ceremony is quite an emotional time as the bride leaves her family to take on a new life together with her husband. And so it was at Ajmal and Yumna’s wedding. There must have been 100 people outside the reception to say their last goodbyes, but there was no chit-chat or needless small talk. Everyone understood the weight of the moment and respected the sombre but yet deeply joyful occasion. It was quite a surreal experience to be a part of.

Ajmal and Yumna had their official wedding ceremony in Sydney, so we picked things up at the reception celebrations a few days later here in Auckland. It was such a privilege to capture and be a part of it all.
So here’s a brief overview of their celebrations. I hope you all enjoy the glimpse into what was an amazing few days to be a part of… and how much money Ajmal had to fork out to get a sip of that milk!! 🙂


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Day One Reception: Formosa Golf Resort
Day Two Reception: The Langham/Cordis Hotel

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Till next time, Jared and Jay.

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