Isaac + Letitia

Meant To Bee
DIY Barn Wedding

McGrath Estate Wedding Venue

The middle of nowhere is quite easy to find when you live in New Zealand. 40mins outside Auckland is a place called McGrath Estate Wedding Venue… which really, is a fancy name for a red barn with a lovely big oak tree growing just upstream from it. And that, is precisely the middle of nowhere that Isaac and Lu were looking for!

Isaac and Lu also wanted things to be super relaxed and chill come to their wedding day. So after Isaac finally figured out how to get the blankets to stay on the hay bales without being blown off by the wind, he headed up to McGrath Estate house with the boys to join the girls in getting ready for the wedding ceremony.

… although this does have its risks in mixing the girls with the boys too early. Especially given the bluntness that runs through the Blaikie family. Lu’s brother Talor happily expressed his thoughts in regards to Lu’s wedding dress. But then Lu does have a middle finger that she loves to through around too! 😂

So here is Isaac and Lu’s little wedding film. Filled with music, togetherness and two people who were simply meant to bee!


We photographed their Barn Wedding as well! So watch this space for more wedding photos from the middle of nowhere!

McGrath Estate Sunset Bride Groom

Thanks so much for checking our Isaac and Lu’s little wedding film. I hope you enjoyed it.

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For more info on McGrath Estate, their website is here. The lovely celebrant was Hayley Greer  … and the wedding singer, may or may not have formed from hot magma rapidly cooling… 😉