Brad + Deb

This Ain't Bullsh*t
A Westie Wedding

Westie Wedding Video

Filmed and Edited by Jay, Paul and Jared

“To hell with tradition, screw the rules… we’re doing things OUR WAY!”

Brad and Deb’s Westie Wedding was unfiltered, alcohol-inspired chaos… that somehow worked out just fine! So don’t be offended, but this wedding video’s a little bit different from the norm, but then again, so are Brad and Deb.


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Why was Brad and Deb’s wedding so cool? They didn’t follow the rules and made their wedding what they wanted it to be like! We actually wrote a series of articles about how to make sure the traditions and expectations of a “wedding” don’t rob it of the soul that each couple has within them. You can check out the hints and tips articles here. 🙂

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