Lu & Isaac

McGrath Estate

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Lu & Isaac’s Mcgrath Estate Wedding was a little glowing highlight in our calendar for about a year before their day. Not only was it our first time visiting McGrath Estate (and boy did it not disappoint!) but they’re also just the kind of people that you know are going to take everything in their stride and have an absolute blast!

They were lucky enough to have McGrath Estate available to them the day before to set up their amazing barn style reception, and made the call to get dressed up into their wedding outfits and take a bunch of their creative portraits the day before – giving them plenty of time to chill with their guests on the wedding day.

We decided Bethells Beach was the go and after a few photos around McGrath Estate’s beautiful native bush areas, we headed off. Due to a bit of a mix-up we ended up with Ned the dog being left with us at the venue. “Oh well – I guess he’s coming with us on the photoshoot”, we said. It turned out to be the perfect opportunity to include their furbaby in their wedding adventure and the photos featuring Ned are some of my favourites.

As we arrived at Bethells, we noticed a dark cloud starting to roll in that wasn’t in any of the forecasts. Not thinking too much of it, we started the long stroll down to the rocks – only to get completely cut off from the car by the incoming rain. It’s at this point that I start worrying a bit. Here’s a bride and groom, barefoot, in the pouring rain, in their wedding outfits the day before their wedding… but this is where the famous Lu and Isaac chill factor shone through. We sat out the worst of it under the cover of the cliffs and when we realised we could be there some time – they shrugged, shook it off and strode off into the storm. Did I mention I love these guys?

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