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This post has been a very long time coming, but it still just feels like yesterday that we got to witness the amazing wedding of Vish and Marisha.

Vish and Marisha have known each other since they were about 12 years old. At that time Marisha was just one of the guys to Vish and he had no idea about the huge crush she had on him! A few years on and an oblivious Vish decided that this girl Marisha was possibly more than just a friend, and asked her out. Terrible timing meant that Marisha was already seeing someone else, so the friendship continued until eventually they found themselves in the same space at the same time – and voila!

Celebrated over three days, we were stoked to witness and be a part of their haldi and mehendi ceremonies. When you see the beautiful colours and decorations, you’ll be hard pressed to believe that these events took place in their backyard!

The final day – their wedding ceremony – was at the Clevedon Polo Club.
We ventured out for a quick trip to the falls for a few epic shots before heading back to mingle with their guests where musicians kept everyone entertained for the afternoon.
They boldly chose to go with an outdoor ceremony, and despite the scary looking clouds at time, we managed to get through with just the tiniest sprinkle of rain!

On a personal note – both Zahn and myself feel very very lucky to have met Vish and Marisha. They’re the kind of people that even 6 months after their wedding day, I’m still thinking about the kindness and generosity that they show to everyone around them. Their wedding celebration was to designed to show their gratitude to their friends and family and I think this just shows exactly the kind of people they are. Always looking outwards to those around them and looking for ways to bring joy to them.

Enjoy this taster of what their wedding celebration was all about.

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Vendor Shoutout:
Wedding Photography: Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Venue: Auckland Polo Club
Wedding Videography: Perspectives Photo + Cinema