Yunsi & Tony

Lone Pine Estate

Yunsi & Tony’s Lone Pine Estate Wedding

Wedding Photography by Amber

Tony and Yunsi married at the Lone Pine Estate in Riverhead, Auckland. If you are thinking of having your wedding at this grand venue, keep looking through Yunsi and Tony’s gallery below. This gorgeous summers day allowed us to explore the many locations Lone Pine offer for magical photoshoots.

What is your favourite memory of the day?

Seeing everyone important to us together in one place, to celebrate our happiness as we said our vows and exchanged rings.

What surprised you on the day? 

The weather turned out to be super sunny after a stormy evening. So sunny we were even sunburnt! We were trapped in our accommodation the night before (driveway had flooded) and we were worried that it would continue to bucket down with rain on our wedding day. 

What is your favourite photo and why? 

It was really hard picking our top favourite photo out of all the amazing photos – but we decided on the sunset photo where we are holding hands, in our wedding suit and wedding dress, and both looking towards the sun (below). Sunset photos were one of the things that drew us towards Perspectives, and the photos turned out even better than we could have imagined. We look like models in a photoshoot!

What was one thing you wish you had known before planning your wedding? 

That everything you see at a wedding will have been a product of someone’s planning, from wedding signs to food and decorations. 

What’s your advice for future couples? 

It’s ok if everything on the wedding day doesn’t go according to plan. Minor details don’t matter too much in the grand scheme of things as long as everyone is happy.

The images below are taken at the lovely Boathouse Row. A venue for the bridal couple to get ready before their ceremony, and to have some pre wedding photos out on the pier.

Vendor Shoutout:
MC & DJ – Mike Steffens
Makeup Artist – Sunny Lee
Getting ready – Boathouse Row
Wedding Venue – Lone Pine Estate
Caterers – Southern Spit Roast & BBQ Catering
Cake – Sweet Bites Cakes
Wedding Dress – Natalie Rose Bridal
Gelato Cart – Mister Gelato
Celebrant – Yvette Reid

We really love our photos. We both are somewhat awkward in front of a camera but the photos and video turned out perfectly, largely because of how comfortable we were in front of Amber and Jared. It was great that we got some guidance on how to pose but without it being inorganic.

Yunsi & Tony