Debbie & Dan

Bridgewater Estate

Debbie and Dan’s Bridgewater Estate wedding

Wedding Photography by Amber

Debbie and Dan married the weekend of Auckland’s torrential rain, yet scrolling though their gallery you would never know. We still managed to get some truely epic photos from the Bridegwater Estate forest and gardens.

Reading on you will hear that despite the weather, they still had the most magical day.

What is your favourite memory of the day?

The whole thing! We were so lucky it went ahead as planned, after the Auckland floods hit the day prior. Our venue had suffered some flood damage and the generous staff there went above and beyond working all morning fixing things. By the time our guests arrived in the afternoon it was good as new! 

Our first look was an absolutely wonderful time, which I’m so glad we scheduled in (images below).

The venue kindly tucked away a couple of treats from our croquembouche in our room, and after the party was done it was lovely to eat those and finish the last bottle of prosecco while flicking through our guest book full of comical photobooth snaps and sweet messages. 

What surprised you on the day? 

During the day a majestic Kererū graced the sky, diving and putting on a show. Amongst the beauty of our forest ceremony it really felt like nature bestowed us a blessing! 

What is your favourite photo and why? 

Debbie – The hug before our first dance started, because we’re just together in the light and you can see all our beautiful guests looking on too. 

Dan – Standing on a bench in the forest looking at one another, with a ponga tree high above like a parasol and the lush forest dotted with fairy lights around us. It’s a magical shot. I love the wildness of all the bush, and how it captures the grandness of our ceremony location (see below).

What’s your advice for future couples? 

Have a great team of vendors and bridal party who are clear on what’s important to you, and can take care of the day, so you don’t have to be responsible for anything and can enjoy it! Trust them to make the any decisions in your best interests. 

We wanted to maximise time with guests. The day is such a blur that it’s hard to find time to talk to everyone. We scheduled all our bride groom and bridal party photos before the ceremony when everyone was fresh, which meant we could be fully present with guests from the ceremony onwards without having to duck away for a post ceremony photo session. We also had a few scheduled social events after the day to allow a more leisurely time to catch up with guests, particularly those who had travelled far to join us.

Vendor Shoutout:
Venue: Bridgewater Estate
Florist: Joanne Davison
Celebrant: David Gall
Cake: Otti and Olli (Croquembouche)
Grooms Party: Hugo Boss 
Hair and Makeup: Aimee- The styled bride
Rings: David Keefe
Violinist: Natasha Senee

“You guys were AMAZING. Such a great experience, so easy to get along with and beautiful memories captured to last a lifetime. We really loved how you captured the emotion and genuine expressions throughout the day. When we see the photos it reignites the feelings of the moments.”