Josh & Jean

Hillbrook Estate & Farm

Josh & Jean’s Hillbrook Estate Wedding

Wedding Photography by Amber

Take in Hillbrook Estate’s breathtaking scenery, and keep scrolling for more.

The Hillbrook Estate & Farm, where Josh and Jean shared their vows, sits on a secluded peninsula in the Coromandel. We were able to explore the nearby surroundings for our photoshoots, and can’t decide which photos we love more.

This luxury venue is the perfect place for both your ceremony and reception, not to mention all the photoshoot locations.

We asked Josh and Jean some of their favourite memories, and any advice for our future couples:

What is your favourite memory of the day?

Letting loose on the dance floor (see below image) with our closest friends and family after all of the big moments – ceremony, speeches, first dance were done. It was an opportunity to just bask in our love and the love surrounding us. Also, after the wedding was done, the stars were out in full force and we really enjoyed a peaceful moment together at the end of the day.

What surprised you on the day? 

We got a surprise waterfall at the venue that wasn’t there when we toured, and we have a running inside joke about how many waterfalls New Zealand has – even the unadvertised ones. We were also surprised by how quickly everything went by – it was a whirlwind; the photos actually let you relive some of it.

What was one thing you wish you had known before planning your wedding? 

Know what is important to you and prioritise that! You don’t need to tick off every box on the wedding planner’s checklist. Having great help on the day is huge as well – we planned a weekend around the wedding, and the wedding was actually one of the least stressful events because we knew that our vendors had it all under control.

What’s your advice for future couples? 

Make sure you have good conversations about your expectations for who is pitching in on what, and try to keep things in perspective. At the end of the day, your love and the people around you matter the most – you won’t remember the exact table settings.

What is your favourite photo and why? 

How do we choose? We love how thrilled we look in this photo on the beach (below). Or the waterfall (which Jean climbed into barefoot and in a wedding dress), or the cows! The photos of our friends and family on the dance floor are epic and we can’t get over how happy we all look.

Okay, now we will tell their story, so scroll down to see their day unfold (and the cow’s)

Vendor Shoutout:

Venue: Hillbrook Estate & Farm
Planner: Let’s Toast (Jaimie)
Celebrant: Anne Slight
DJ: Justin Drift
Hair and Makeup: Sunny Lee
Catering: Côte
Cake: Duck Island (if you want to give your wedding planner a heart attack but delight your guests, get an ice cream cake and transport it in a portable freezer from Auckland to Whangamata!)
Flowers: Sweet Pea and Jasmine

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