Déna & Stefan

The Hunting Lodge

Déna & Stefan’s Hunting Lodge wedding

Wedding Photography by Amber

The Hunting Lodge Estate has multiple ceremony locations for you to choose from. Déna and Stefan married under shade of the trees, followed by a sunset photoshoot amongst the vines. Here are some of our favourites from their day.

We asked Déna and Stefan if they have any tips for our future couples and to share some of their favourite memories.

What is your favourite memory of the day?

Déna: The whole day was magical and just a wonderful, joyous celebration with all our family and friends. But I guess nothing can beat the first moment I saw Stefan during the ceremony, we were both smiling and in tears. Up until this point we were enjoying the day as individuals, from this moment we were sharing the experience together.

Stefan: Hearing the music and seeing her appear around the corner. A moment that I’ll never forget. 

What surprised you on the day? 

Déna: The part of the day that surprised me the most was the speeches. Each one of our family members who spoke completely knocked it out of the park – the speeches were the perfect mix of heartwarming, tear jerking and hilarious. I was really blown away at how much effort and thought they had put into what they wanted to say. It was really special and a bit unexpected.

Stefan: How relaxed I was. I expected to be riddled with nerves but in that moment the world had drifted away and I knew that was where I was supposed to be. 

What was one thing you wish you had known before planning your wedding? 

How the months, days and hours of planning will go by in a flash on the day. There will be things you thought were important before the wedding that might not go to plan on the day. However, once you are immersed in the magic of the day those little things won’t matter at all.

What’s your advice for future couples? 

Déna: All the planning beforehand is worth it, and it meant once the big day arrived I could relax and let it all go. Try to be as present as you can in each moment and soak it all in – the day will go by very fast! Amongst all the celebrations with family and friends make sure you take some quiet moments for you and your new husband or wife.

Stefan: It’s your ceremony! Be honest about what is important to you and don’t do something because it’ll please someone else or is tradition. We didn’t get a cake because we didn’t see the point in it. We wanted to focus on the ceremony and celebrating with our family so we cut down on the official bits and chose a venue that allowed us to do everything onsite so we didn’t have to spend time travelling from place to place. It really helps to make it a day you’ll always look back on with fond memories. 

What is your favourite photo and why? 

Déna: I have 2 favourites…The first, is of me smiling breastfeeding our little boy while my hair is being done. I love the fact it shows the realities of being a Mama even on your wedding day. It was really important to us that Theo was included in the celebrations of the day. The second (photo below) is a stunning shot of Stefan and I after the ceremony in the forest. This was one of the first moments we were on our own and we were on such a high. The love and happiness we were feeling is amplified by the glow of the light (and Amber’s excited squeals!).

Stefan: My favourite photo (see below) is of Dena and I looking at each other, holding hands and me holding her bouquet just before we walked into the reception. Its surprising how little time the two of you actually spend alone on your wedding day. The photo captures how happy and relaxed we were in that moment.

If your wedding is being held at The Hunting Lodge, keep scrolling thought Déna and Stefan’s gallery for some inspiration.

If you are planning a Hunting Lodge wedding, here are a list of Déna and Stefans vendors. They know the location and will help make your day perfect.

Vendor Shoutout:
Florist: The Florist NZ
Make-up: Grayson Coutts
Hair: Robyn Munro
Celebrant Yvette Reid
Band: Steel n Beats
DJ: DJ4You
Location/Venue: The Hunting Lodge