Sri Lankan Wedding Video – Ruchira + Erandi – Drum Roll Please

It’s not too often we both the bride and the groom get an entrance at the wedding ceremony.  But in traditional Sri Lankan wedding culture both Ruchira and Erandi  got a pretty extravagant entrance to their ceremony!


Here is Ruchira and Erandi’s very Sri Lankan inspired wedding video we made for them.



What was really cool to see at their wedding was how both Ruchira and Erandi didn’t let the “wedding day” (even with all it’s Sri Lankan goodness) overtake the people within it.  At the end of the ceremony they both took the time to acknowledge each other by writing personal vows the other hadn’t heard.  It was one moment in their wedding day that put aside all the decorations and dancing, culture and tradition to pause and just invest in each other with some heart felt words.  Pretty cool I reckon!

I hope you enjoyed their Sri Lankan wedding video.  Feel free to leave a comment below, or check us out on our Facebook page.

Cheers.  Jared and Pete.