Indian Wedding Video – Faheem + Farzana

Traditional Indian weddings are pretty much 100% unique from your normal kiwi wedding.  The wedding is held over several days.  It’s the groom that gets the welcome into the ceremony and in Islam tradition neither the bride or groom see each other until they’ve said their vows and are officially married!

So it was definitely a different experience for us.  And quite exciting too!  It meant we got to capture completely different imagery from what we usually video.  Also the story lines are so much more about the journey to getting married than the romantic emotions of it all.

With so much that happened at their Indian wedding it was pretty insane to try squeeze it down to a 3 minute highlight video.  So much so that it almost feels more like a teaser than a short film.  But this is what we came up with and we’re pretty proud.  So here’s Faheem and Farzana’s Indian wedding video.  We hope you like it!

*****   Faheem + Farzana – At Last, We Unite   *****

We also photographed their wedding too!  So check the link out here for a completely different take on their celebrations.

Cheers, Jared, Pete and Mat
Indian Wedding Video