ren + mei yen – my first and my last

As most couples do, Ren and Mei Yen put a lot of effort into making sure their wedding day looked awesome. But what was even more important than that was the effort they put into each other. After all it is the two of them getting married!  So throughout the day they created moments that gave them something to experience and remember how important they are to each other.

They shared personal gifts and messages with each other in the morning.
Without seeing each other they stood back to back and said a little prayer before the ceremony.
They spent time writing personal vows that meant something to them.
They wrote notes and concealed wine in a time capsule to be opened later on in their marriage.
And they both spoke publicly about how much each one means to each other during speeches.

As we spent the whole day with Ren and Mei Yen it was so cool to see them put so much time and effort into making each others day awesome and something to remember! It definitely was a pretty special day to witness.

ren + mei yen – my first and my last

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Cheers, Jared and Pete
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