How does this all work?

What is your style?

Good question. We call our style ‘Epic Storytelling’. Firstly, we love capturing meaningful moments. Photos of flowers and stationery are cool but we really like you! We want to tell your story.  And secondly. Our imagery looks epic. We don’t do things by halves here. Our films are emotional, powerful and very cinematic. Our photos are dramatic, visually stunning and sculpted with light.

Is all day coverage really ALL day?

Yip, you have us quite literally all day. We’ve found that the best moments on a wedding day are completely organic and quite often happen when you least expect it.

Timed packages just don’t allow for this. From the nerves and excitement in the morning, through to your granddad’s epic dance moves later in the night. 

Disclaimer – if you’re having multiple ceremonies in one day or a suuuuuper early start – firstly we’re probably gonna need a lot of coffee. And secondly – there might be an additional fee. But just chat to us about this.

Do you mind if guests bring their cameras to the wedding ceremony?

We’ll leave that up to you. In today’s world, cellphones and cameras seem to be a part of every major event. If your guests want to capture the moment for themselves we’ll work around them as best we can.

We really do love Unplugged Weddings though. Where guests put down their cameras. Here’s why.

The guests you invited to your ceremony can enjoy it so much more. When you walk down the aisle you won’t be confronted with iPhones and iPads – but with guests actually sharing the moment with you.

The coverage you get from us isn’t compromised. We’re not having to dodge cellphones and iPads to find a clean angle and our reaction shots of your guests look so much better when they’re absorbed in the experience. Not busy working their cameras.

Just remember you’re getting amazing shots and coverage from us. Let your guests really be present in the moment with you!

If you do have guests who you have a feeling are going to be a bit trigger happy – please ask them to take photos from their seats, rather than roaming about. 

Do you work with other photographers / videographers?

Yes we definitely work with others. We just omit shots from the end product we give you if another photographer/videographer gets in our way. You’ll still get a polished and professional product from us. It’s just not what could have been produced from us.

For our strongest work, we really do work best together. We’re one finely tuned team. We’re all super stealthy during the ceremony. There’s no horror stories of photo/video getting in each other’s way during the first kiss. No videographers taking up too much photoshoot time. No photographers ruining a great video moment with flash photography or noisy shutter clicks.

When we work as one team, we really can just focus on you and capturing your story. Not trying to find a compromise with other vendors.

Do we need to feed you at the reception?

As much as we seem like energizer bunnies, after 8-10 hours on our feet, we really do need to stop and eat! We only need a main meal (we don’t need entrees or desserts) and we’re more than happy to quickly scoff our meals out the back, but caterers will need a heads up on this.

If you’re interested in some sunset photos (and we thoroughly recommend this!) chat to us about the dinner timings for this. If we’re going to head out during the meal break, we’ll need you guys to chat to your venue about us eating our meals at the same time as you.

After a short meal break – we’re good to go for the rest of your party!

Do you travel?

Absolutely. We love seeing new places – and can travel anywhere in NZ, or internationally, to cover your wedding.

You can check out some of our favourite Destination Weddings here.

Who will our second photographer or videographer be?

Our second photographers and videographers rock! They’re exceptional in their own right and they all run their own successful photography / videography businesses.

For this reason, we will be confirming your second photographer / videographer about a month before the wedding as they all have their own wedding bookings to work with.

If you’re interested in who our regular team is – we always mention who the team was at the top of each recent wedding post.

The work on your website looks great – can we expect that for our wedding day?

You sure can. We post every single wedding we shoot on our ‘Photo’ and ‘Cinema’ pages. Not just our favourites, or the “best” ones. It’s a great way to get a feel for our consistency, and the level we’re capable of achieving on every single wedding day.

How long until we receive the film and photos?

 Over our busy summer season our turnaround time is up to 10 weeks. Good things take time. We’re crazy busy during our peak season shooting weddings, running our business, answering emails, and editing! Creativity just takes time. Every edit is different and deserves the time to get it just right. We don’t rush this process.

Can you pencil us in for our date?

Our bookings are all on a ‘first in, first served’ basis. As dates are limited, we unfortunately can’t afford to hold them open for you with a pencil booking.

How can we book you?

We make this as simple as possible! We have a booking fee & a contract – both are easily taken care of online. Ideally it’s great to meet up in person to get to know each other (and so you can check we’re not crazy). We can either meet for a coffee / beer, or video call if you’re not based in Auckland.

Questions for our photo team

What happens if it rains?

We always have a plan B, and plan C in place for the creative shoot.

We’re quite excited when we get rainy days – here’s a blog post we wrote that talks about how we work in the rain!

How many photos do we receive?

We’ll give you a ballpark figure for the amount of photos you might expect. We don’t give you a copy of every single photo we take – as many are double ups to ensure that we can select one where no-one is blinking, everyone’s expressions are great… and that’s the shot from that sequence which goes in. But we’re also not editing down to try to hit a certain number. If it’s a good shot, and not a double up – you’ll get it.

How will we receive our photos?

Your photos will be delivered to you in a beautiful online gallery. From here you’ll be able to easily download the full set of high res images. You’ll also be able to share the link with friends and family if you choose.

Do you do engagement or pre-wedding photoshoots?

Sure do! We’ve got a bunch more info here.

Do you do albums?

Absolutely. Our Queensberry wedding albums are widely regarded as the best photo albums in the world.

We have many sample books in our studio that you can come & check out. You can also find out more info here.

How long do we need for a photoshoot?

Anywhere from 30 minutes (short) to 2 hours (long) – we talk through this process with you to find out where your priorities are.

Do we need to give you photo lists?

We help you out with a list of common family groupings that you can tick-box. Then there’s space to include any extra combinations that you would like. For everything else we don’t need a list. We’re super observant, and just capture moments candidly as they happen. In your meeting leading up to the wedding we will chat to you about the look and feel of your locations and also check in if there are any special requests.

Questions for our cinema team

Do you take care of all our audio needs?

Audio is super important to our storytelling and style of films. So during your ceremony and speeches, we’ll have a complete capture of anyone talking, singing or sharing a poem/reading. But this is for our cameras only. If you want your guests to hear the service, then you’ll need to organise your own audio. (Ask your venue, celebrant or DJ to help you out here if you’re stuck).

If you film all day, why is our film not 1-2 hours long?

Hollywood filmmakers get months and months of filming in controlled environments to create their 1-2 hour films. We get one day with no script and no re-takes. Hence our films are shorter as a result.
We feel shorter films are a lot more meaningful and involving than a marathon 2 hour long wedding video. Shorter films have stronger stories that will hold your attention throughout the entire film. You’ll watch it more often as a result. It’s like shoes, the more wear you get, the cheaper they become!

Who chooses the music for the wedding film?

We do. (It’s actually the secret sauce to why our films feel the way they do!).

To us, your story is so much more than just a muted video set to a popular song. It’s an intricate weave of spoken audio captured throughout the day balanced with the moods, emotion and energy your day brings. The music we choose supports and accentuates what we already captured on your wedding day. This approach gives you the most cheese-free, genuine and meaningful films we can produce.

If you’ve got a favourite song that does mean something to you both, there are a bunch of places you can incorporate it throughout the day. Your first dance, signing the register, walking back up the aisle, as you enter the reception etc.

How will we receive our film?

Your highlights film will be hosted online. You’ll also receive a USB with all the films included in your package.

I’m on the fence. Is a wedding video really worth it?

That’s a really good question that many couples grapple with. If I could say one thing, it’s this: Don’t think about what you value now, think about what you (and your kids) will value in 5, 10 or 25 years time. That’s when wedding video really comes of age and pays a sweet dividend. But it’s such a great question we even wrote a blog about it. What Your Photographer Can’t Capture and Brides Almost Always Regret.  Food for thought anyway.
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