Handcrafted, bespoke Queensberry wedding albums are the most stunning way to show off your wedding images.

Digital files are great. But they definitely aren’t the best way to experience your wedding photos.

There’s something lost in the digital realm – a sense of disconnect to reality that you can never quite put your finger on… but you know somehow they’re not real – the images are a magic combination of pixels and numbers and information that somehow form into what you see.

Albums give us a textile, tangible experience of holding each page, feeling the leather under your hands, and seeing each photograph printed in the perfect place. The story of the day unfolds across each album spread.

When you were younger – maybe you remember looking through your parents’ wedding album. Heck – maybe even your grandparents photo album!

Imagine our children today – will they be swiping through your wedding photos on some kind of headset monitor with a hotlink directly into the brain? Who knows!

But having a physical, solid, made-to-last-for-generations wedding album means that regardless of how images are experienced in the future – you’ll always have this beautiful book to hold in your hands & treasure these memories.

And that’s priceless.


Flo Cube is an imaginary photographer, traveling the world aiming to inspire others. Telling unforgettable tales in lands far far away, beyond mountains, across seas, flying the mechanical bird from a to b. Photography has always been a passion of Flo Cube, and videography also has a soft spot in its heart.

Influenced by clean lines, subtle movements and bold typography, you’ll find Flo Cube has something to fit everyones needs. Offering you the opportunity to enhance your portfolio, and book the clients you’ve always desired.


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