Bali Wedding Photographer – Ulrich + Melissa’s wedding

Bali Wedding Photographer | Villa Kukka Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer
{Photographed by Amber and Zahn}

It’s a pretty amazing thing to be a wedding photographer – even more so when that wedding happens to be in a tropical paradise.

Mel and Ulrich’s Bali wedding is one we won’t ever forget. For almost a week we got to hang out with these guys and their incredible crew and not only document, but we really felt a part of their celebration.

We encountered…
Guests who made applying sunblock a form of bonding.
Many, many cocktails.
Taking our cameras to new danger levels in a pool of merry guests.
A few more cocktails.
Bombs into the pool.
Outrunning the waves on the beach – and not always winning.
We explored new parts of Bali and revisited some of our favourite spots.
We photobombed holiday makers at beach bars.
And we made new friends along the way.

We knew that their celebration was going to be so much more than just the one wedding day, so we start this sneak peek with their pre-wedding lunch at the amazing Merah Putih. Then the wedding day itself, the afterparty at Finn’s Beach Club – and then just because we couldn’t help ourselves, we caught up with Mel and Ulrich a few days later in Ubud.

Mel and Ulrich – thank you for trusting us with documenting your epic party!


DAY ONE – Merah Putih

bali_wedding_photographer_0001 bali_wedding_photographer_0002 bali_wedding_photographer_0003

DAY TWO – The Wedding!

bali_wedding_photographer_0004 bali_wedding_photographer_0005 bali_wedding_photographer_0006 bali_wedding_photographer_0007 bali_wedding_photographer_0008 bali_wedding_photographer_0009 bali_wedding_photographer_0010 bali_wedding_photographer_0011 bali_wedding_photographer_0012 bali_wedding_photographer_0013bali_wedding_photographer_0014 bali_wedding_photographer_0015bali_wedding_photographer_0016 bali_wedding_photographer_0017 bali_wedding_photographer_0018 bali_wedding_photographer_0019 bali_wedding_photographer_0020 bali_wedding_photographer_0022 bali_wedding_photographer_0021 bali_wedding_photographer_0023 bali_wedding_photographer_0024 bali_wedding_photographer_0025 bali_wedding_photographer_0026 bali_wedding_photographer_0027 bali_wedding_photographer_0028

DAY THREE – Finn’s Beach Club

bali_wedding_photographer_0029 bali_wedding_photographer_0030


Bali destination wedding photographer
Bali destination wedding photographer
Bali destination wedding photographer

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