Karima & Tanya

Markovina Vineyard Estate

Markovina Wedding | Community of St Luke

They say that opposites attract. So when two similarly softly spoken, thoughtful, introverts met on a blind date – they were initially worried that these similarities might be their undoing. After a quiet first date at the movies with not a lot of chatting, they saw enough potential in their relationship to keep seeing each other.
They soon realised that despite their different upbringings, they compliment and support each other perfectly. 

Their wedding ceremony was held at the Community of St Luke in Remuera. One of my favourite images from their ceremony happened completely unexpectedly as Tanya walked up the aisle. 

When we first arrived at the ceremony – there was a beam of light shining in through one of the side windows. Initially it wasn’t quite lining up quite right with the aisle. “Ah well, I thought – not meant to be”.

Turns out – I was wrong.

A few delays meant that when Tanya walked down the aisle, everything was ready for her.

Usually during a ceremony, we are so caught up in capturing all the little moments, that we don’t really get to hear much of what is being said – or sung. I was stopped in my tracks by the incredible hymns performed by Tanya and Karima’s church choirs. 

After their ceremony, we headed out to Markovina Vineyard Estate for their reception where we took a few moments for some photos around Markovina. We were lucky enough to find the last little bits of Autumn colour sneaking through before heading to our favourite forest grotto. 

We headed inside for their reception where we treated to impressive performances from both Tanya and Karima’s families. Despite their self-proclaimed introversion and claiming not to be big fans of dancing – both Tanya and Karima took to the dance floor and out did themselves! The ‘thrown together” (ahem practiced for hours win end!) dance from Karima and his groomsmen was a hit!

We hope you enjoy this little snippet of Tanya and Karima’s wedding day.

Vendor Shoutout:
Wedding Videographer: Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Ceremony Venue: The Community of Saint Lukes
Reception Venue: Markovina Vineyard Estate 

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