casita miro wedding waiheke – brook + vicky – can i buy you a drink?

Casita Miro Wedding | Waiheke Island | Brook + Vicky
Videoed by Jared and Jay

Some mistakes turn out to be quite the blessing in disguise. Brook and Vicky met at a bar over a confusion over who’s drink was who’s. Brook was clearly at fault and offered to patch things up by buying Vicky a new drink. Good come back there, Brook!

Which as things turned out brought them to their wedding day! As Brook and Vicky got ready at the same house, it was impossible to keep them completely apart, so they met at the bottom of the stairs to “kind of” see each other before the wedding. But it meant they stayed close throughout the day, always on each other’s mind!

So here’s their story as we captured it throughout the day. I hope you all like it!!


brook + vicky – can i buy you a drink?

Vendor Shoutout:

Waiheke Wedding Video – Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Waiheke Wedding Photographer – ChaseWild
Waiheke Wedding Planner – My Waiheke
Waiheke Wedding Reception – Casita Miro
Waiheke Florist – WildFlower

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Jared and Jay

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casita miro wedding