For the last 6 years we’ve been lucky enough to present our ‘Seeing the Light‘ workshop to more than 200 photographers around New Zealand.

While we are always refining and improving the workshop – the general basis remains the same :

  • To provide hands-on, practical, useable knowledge that you can implement into your photography style immediately.
  • Working with natural light
  • Learning to love harsh sunlight
  • How to create a wide range of ‘looks’ in a small space and short timeframe (ie – just like on a wedding day!)
  • Using your flash indoors at receptions
  • Creating “epic from nothing”
  • Dancefloor lighting techniques
  • Off camera flash setups
  • Backlit rain photos
  • Creative night portraits
  • Sharing some of our editing techniques

The workshop runs for 10 hours and is about 50% learning / classroom style deconstruction of techniques – and 50% practical shooting and putting the techniques into practice.

The slideshow below is a selection of images shot during our ‘Seeing the Light’ workshops.

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Thank you for a brilliant workshop. I got loads of practical stuff out of it that I can use in and apply to my business. You explained things in a way that's easy to follow and understand. Doing this workshop was perfect timing for me as I'm at a stage where I'm ready to grow my business. It was exactly what I need. Thanks again.

Mala Photography

Wow, that “Seeing the Light” workshop was SUPER awesome. Such an eye opener and was really what I needed to get enthusiastic about lighting! CONFIDENCE is def in my toolbox now… and I know with a bit of practice I’ll have some super awesome skills that I can rock out in any situation I need to. BEST money I have spent on a workshop EVER!

Jane Nelson

Hi! Firstly it is a great feeling to do a workshop and think to yourself the next day ” Man the was worth every cent!” I am really glad I made the investment of going to both the workshop and the seminar. I found both valuable and cannot believe how much I learnt in 2 days. Amber and Isaac are just lovely and so very helpful and I found it easy to ask questions the the seminar and feedback at the workshop. Sounds cheesy but before the workshop I was pretty unsure about starting my own business and second guessing myself but now I am excited and cannot wait to see where this business will take me.

Laura Evans

Hi guys, just wanted to thank you both again, I had a fantastic weekend completing both workshops with you in Hamilton, so much so that if there was an available space for the next lighting one in Hamilton I would be attending again! It was amazing and I couldn’t recommend it more for anyone wanting to learn about running/starting a photography business and understanding how to take those “epic” shots you are so famous for! You explained everything in ‘easy’ terms and the amount of information was indispensable! Thank you so much for sharing and it was a pleasure hanging out with you both! Can’t wait to get my hands on some lights, so many ideas! Thanks again!

Sarah Baker

The Napier ‘Seeing the Light’ workshop was exactly what I needed to take my wedding photography to the next level, not to mention a totally fun and awesome day – thank you so much Amber and Isaac! I hope I will forever see things a little differently and can’t wait to start applying what I’ve learned. You’ve helped me get over some blocks and fears I’ve struggled with for some time and replaced them with possibilities. Great balance of content and hands on application. Totally worth it!

Linda Bayliss

What a power packed weekend – I loved every minute! I came home after both the photography business seminar and the lighting workshop feeling so stimulated and excited about everything I’d learned. The two of you make for such a talented and inspiring team. The course was delivered in a really effective and succinct way so as to make sure every hour was worth it’s weight in gold… and then some. The talent you both share in photography coupled with your backgrounds in teaching, were the perfect foundation for the course and your passion and thirst for continually exploring new techniques was contagious. I loved how open you were when talking business and sharing you hard earned skills and life lessons with us. You showed me how to see something out of nothing and look at things in a whole different way. I feel a fresh buzz of invigorating anticipation for my next wedding! Thank you Amber and Isaac!

Susie Curry

Amber and Isaac…. WOW…. what an incredibly talented team you are. I am so excited after attending BOTH your workshops (lighting and wedding business) and the information you passionately shared was truly invaluable. In an industry where it can be hard to learn from fellow photographers, let alone successful ones, I have been encouraged by your willingness to share. It goes without saying that with passion, hard work, simple business principles mixed with good work ethics – our true potential as photographers can be reached. Thank you… for helping me get closer to my dreams and goals. I feel like I’ve made two new friends in the industry.

Marie Richards


Stay tuned … keep an eye on our Instagram / Facebook for workshop announcements.

Our 2018 ‘Seeing the Light‘ workshop is fully sold out – but we’re taking expressions of interest to run another in early 2019. If you’d be interested in joining us on a workshop to welcome in the New Year – email us on to add your name to the list.


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