Sammy + Karl

Winsford Gardens

Winsford Gardens  |   Auckland Wedding Photographer

Sammy and Karl had known each other for a while and initially didn’t think much of each other. In their own words – Karl thought Sammy was scary and Sammy thought Karl was a dork. Somewhere along the line, their first impressions changed somewhat dramatically (or maybe they just started appreciating the scariness and the dorkiness?) and it’s easy to see how perfect these guys are for each other. 

The day before their wedding at Winsford Gardens, we gathered for their rehearsal and discussed all the potential options for the weather bomb that was headed their way. 

Plan A was the forest area of Winsford Gardens, Plan B was under the trees, Plan C was under the trees with umbrellas and Plan D was inside the marquee. 

Sam was adamant that we would be able to have the outside wedding they had planned, but sadly the weather gods had other plans in mind. As is so often the case – everything worked out perfectly. The guys spent the morning setting up an indoor ceremony option that meant that everyone was super warm and cosy.

We even got lucky with a break in the afternoon weather and we were able to get some photos in the forest like we had planned.

Sam and Karl are two of the most chilled people you’ll ever meet, so it didn’t surprise me one bit when we chatted about the plans for the photoshoot and they floated the idea of heading to the pub for a drink! Not only were they able to have a round with the regulars, but it made for a totally unique and perfectly suited backdrop for their photos.

Sammy and Karl – it has been such a blast getting to know you guys and your furbabies xxx

Vendor Shoutout:
Ceremony and reception venue: Winsford Gardens
Celebrant and MC: Frankie Orange
Band: The RVMES
Auckland Wedding Photographer: Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Dessert: Duck Island Ice Cream Truck and Trailer