waiheke wedding videography – toby + ann

Waiheke Wedding Videography – Toby + Ann

Toby and Ann wanted to do things a little differently. With the ceremony set just an hour before sunset (4pm), they decided they didn’t want to spend the majority of their wedding day apart from each other.

So they changed things up. Toby brushed off his chef skills (they were a little dusty) and made a cooked breakfast for the both of them. They helped each other get ready, took some lovely photos and then prepared for the ceremony.

And wow, talk about an eventful ceremony!!! Rain was always forecast, it was just a matter of when. And well… the downpour hit, bang on 4pm. I’ll let you watch the film to see what happens, but as an indirect result of the rain, Ann saw something she’d never seen Toby do before. It sure was one powerful ceremony!! As they say, every cloud has a silver lining!

toby + ann – no translation needed

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Jared and Pete.

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