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{Photographed by Amber and Zahn}

When Jess and Keri introduced themselves to us they said – We’ve been together about a year and a half but both knew within a month that this was it for us. We are pretty nerdy (not in a cool hipster way, in a you-are-actually-a-big-geek-and-we-met-at-a-web-conference way).
They told us they were both from giant families and couldn’t wait to smush them all together in a big celebration of food, dancing and shenanigans.

Their mutual adoration for eachother was completely obvious – Keri said that Jess is the most caring, driven, exciting and intelligent person that he know and that there have been times that he has found Jess in tears of sadness and frustration, that there is pain and suffering in the world and that she cannot single-handedly save the world.

As they were getting ready in the morning, I overheard Jess telling her bridesmaids all the things she loves about Keri. She said not only was he the most generous, big-hearted human being on the planet, but she also loved his mohawk.
When asked why Keri had chosen this particular hairstyle, he had replied that it makes him happy when he looked in the mirror, and if he could grow something on his head that made him smile every time he went past a reflective surface that was a pretty good plan for life.

It really was a privilege getting to know these two wonderful humans a little better.
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Waiheke wedding photos

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Vendor Shoutout:

Venue: The Goldie Room
Photography: Waiheke wedding Photographers – Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Celebrant: Tony Sears
Makeup artist: Sarah Knight
Musicians: Run for Cover
Videography: Toby Ricketts

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