vilagrads wedding video – tony + erin

Vilagrads wedding video | Hamilton wedding venue | Tony + Erin

…it turns out, fighting fires is quite the place to meet! Well, it was for Tony and Erin anyway! Erin’s late father was a firefighter, and so is her brother (bestman). And then with the addition of Tony and his mate (groomsman) to the firefighting team the stage was set!

So it made perfect sense for Erin to arrive in a fire truck to the wedding ceremony and incorporate a little bit of who they are into their wedding day.

The wedding was at Vilagrads, which was somewhat ironic as just last year they had firefighters rush to the winery for quite different reasons… But the venue looked beautiful and Tony and Erin had a wonderful day celebrating their union together!

So here’s their little film capturing some of the moments that were unique and special to them!

tony + erin – fighting fires

Vendor Shoutout:

Hamilton Wedding Venue: Vilagad Winery
Wedding Videographer: Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Wedding Photographer: PhotoSacha

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Cheers, Jared and Pete.
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