David + Jade

Erakor Resort,

Vanuatu Wedding Photographer

Photographed by Amber

The very best thing about a destination wedding is not the beaches, the sunshine or the fact that everything runs on “island time”, but how the wedding adventure becomes more than just one day in a couple’s life. For a whole week, I got to hang out with David and Jade and their awesome (AWESOME!) friends and family on Erakor Island in Vanuatu.
This blog post spans multiple days, but really is only a snippet of the incredible holiday we all had.
On our second night we were welcomed to Erakor Resort by traditional dancers, kava (enjoyed by some…) and a spectacular fire show.
Day three was the wedding (and oh my gosh the sunset!!!!)
Day four…. we recovered. We needed it.
Day five – David and Jade got dressed back up in their wedding clothes and we missioned out to the Mele Cascades for a few extra photos before cooling off in the lagoon.
Day six – In lieu of wedding gifts, David and Jade asked their guests if they would like to give back to the Vanuatu community and donate supplies to two of the local schools, so on our last day we visited the kids to pass along their gifts.
It was incredibly inspiring to see a couple who (in the words of their wonderful bridesmaid) are “generous beyond their means”. Throughout their stay, they made sure to take care of everyone around them. They made a special effort to support the local communities with their purchases, they remembered anniversaries of their guests and they organised trips and adventures for us all to make sure we had the best time.
This blog post wouldn’t be complete without mention of the real star of the show – baby Eli, the most loved baby in history. There was always a queue to cuddle Eli – he even got chafing on his tummy from so many cuddles!
David and Jade, I can’t thank you and your families enough for this amazing experience. It has been a pleasure getting to know you all.

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