Thomas + Cindy

One Hand Each
Storytelling - Original - Intimate

Kelliher Estate Wedding

Just after they were announced husband and wife, Thomas reached into his jacket pocket and handed Cindy an envelope.  Her reaction was one of the most beautiful moments we’ve ever captured on film.  Here is their story.

Thomas and Cindy both share a love for classical music. They met around a brown Yamaha grand piano at O’Rorke Hall Hostel when they were both 16 years old attending a Science Camp. This is where their story begins.

During the last year of High School Cindy posted Thomas the beginnings of a solo piano piece she had been working on. Unbeknown to Cindy, Thomas had held onto her letter. For 8 years it remained in its envelope, unfinished. But as their wedding day approached Thomas found inspiration and secretly spent time writing the rest of the song that Cindy began all those years ago.

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Upon hearing this story we mentioned to Thomas how we’d love to film him playing the song he just completed writing.  So on the morning of their wedding, we went back to O’Rorke Hall and the brown Yamaha grand piano where it all began, to record the song that Thomas would give to Cindy later that afternoon.

Below is their wedding video and what is probably the most intimate, beautiful, and genuine moment we have ever captured on camera during the past 6 years we’ve filmed weddings.


Thomas and Cindy’s story sums up so much of what we’re about when it comes to weddings. It’s connecting with our couples so we can tell a unique story that is truly meaningful to who they are as people.

We often say to our couples: The more you let us in, the more our films will look like you. So thanks so much Thomas and Cindy for being so open in letting us into your world. For seeing outside the cliche “wedding box” and sharing in the vision of creating something really special and unique to who you both are.
Vendor shoutout:

Wedding Venue: Kelliher Estate
Wedding Videographer: Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Wedding Photographer: Kimberley Elizabeth
Wedding Dress: Vinka Design
Florist: Willoughby Road

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Cheers, Jared and Pete.

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