Travel Themed Wedding – Stuart + Erin – Around The World

Although we’ve filmed a lot of weddings and seen some pretty amazing reception setups, Stuart and Erin’s travel-themed wedding probably takes the cake for the most detailed and thought through design.

And what’s cool about the whole thing is it really reflects them as a couple. Both Stuart and Erin have been all around the world, and it showed! Arriving at their house the morning of the wedding were many maps hung on the walls of their home with pins marked to show exactly where they’d been.  So it was pretty obvious travel wasn’t just a pretty theme to decorate their reception with, but part of what they’d experienced together as a couple. And precisely what inspired us to create this travel themed wedding video for them!


Travel Themed Wedding – Stuart + Erin – Around the World


A couple of years ago we’d filmed a wedding at the Auckland Museum at witnessed the crazy set up that took place.  As the museum stays open to the public until 5pm Dawsons Catering literally had 90 minutes to turn the main foyer into Stuart and Erin’s travel themed wedding venue.  This worked perfectly for us.  Knowing how many hours Erin has spent on all the travel decorations it meant we could capture the story of the whole thing coming together.  As Isaac and Mat took some location photos of Stuart and Erin we witness 90 minutes of organised chaos as we filmed the setup.

But it wasn’t all just Erin’s inspiration.  Stu has a fascination with lego, as boys do, with whole shelves on display with Stu’s creations in their home.  Added to that they live on top of a family owned classic car collection there were definitely no shortage of personal touches filtering through their wedding day.


travel themed wedding


Vendor Shoutout:

Venue: St. Matthew’s in the City (ceremony) and Auckland Museum (reception).
Catering: Dawsons Catering
Auckland wedding photographers: Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Auckland wedding videographers: Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Hair & Makeup: Beautified
Dress: Hera Bridal
Flowers & Styling: Red Creative

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