Tim + Vicky – Fake Money and The Slow Internet Test

Tim + Vicky | Mudbrick Vineyard | Same-Day-Edit
Filmed and Edited by Jared.

Just over 12 hours ago from the time of posting this, just after the bridesmaids had given their speech, Tim, Vicky and 120 of their guests got to re-live and share the events of their wedding day unfold in front of them. It was, without ceasing a day of laughter, unreserved humour, and good good times. Unfortunately, no cats made it into this Same Day Edit video 😉, but Tim, Vicky and the whole culture of who they are and what they’re about totally did!

So here’s the film they watched at 921pm on the 22-Feb-2020 (yesterday). And unlike Tim’s connection, those with “Fast Internet” can watch this in 4K Resolution if you wish!!


Tim + Vicky – Fake Money and The Slow Internet Test


… and make sure you stick around too, theres some EPIC dance moves to come (like actually) and we also photographed their wedding day as well.  So stay tuned!

The First Dance



The Groomsman Dance



Thanks for checking out Tim and Vicky’s wedding videos! Till next time.


PS: If you’re planning your wedding and arrived at this page… don’t wait to leave it too late before you think of this.  Check this link out, and have a read now!! What Your Photographer Can’t Capture… And Brides Almost Always Regret. It’s worth thinking about anyway. 😀

PPS: Here’s a photo of a cat I found on the internet (just cause). 😂