The Woolshed Matakana – Druvi + Zara

Druvi and Zara got married at The Woolshed in Matakana. And although the location and venue was an awesome place for a wedding, it’s not what this film is about.

Weddings are about two people, and two families coming together. And it’s the people within the wedding which is where the story is found.

For Druvi and Zara things weren’t always so rosy. Coming from different family backgrounds it made for some quite interesting and tricky family dynamics throughout their early relationship. But with time, things slowly improved. Druvi’s parents warmed to who Zara was, and actually became quite converted by her “loving ways”!!

I was actually quite moved by the embrace that Kamalini (the grooms mum) gave Zara after the ceremony had ended. The bear hug lasted 40 seconds!!! So much was said in that hug alone. It was quite a beautiful moment to witness knowing the history of what had gone before.

So here is Druvi and Zara’s quite moving and intimate wedding story.

the woolshed matakana – druvi + zara – a beautiful conclusion


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Cheers, Jared and Pete.
the woolshed matakana