Tent Wedding – Farm Wedding – Matthew + Katherine

Tent Wedding | Farm Wedding | Waikato Wedding Video
{Videoed by Jared and Pete}

FARM WEDDINGS ROCK!!! And with Matt’s family coming over from Australia for the wedding, it was a chance to showcase the green grass on THIS side of the fence!! Sorry, Seb it’s true … but hey, we let you win the cricket WC. 😉

The farm is actually steeped in family history. It’s 6 generations of Rushbrookes’ deep. And as it is with the Rushbrooke tradition, they like growing things! Matt and Katherine got married under a tree planted by Katherine’s grandmother. And to keep the tradition alive they also planted a tree for future generations to enjoy.

A big part of our storytelling films is to focus on who’s getting married. Not just to video what a generic wedding looks like. So it was fun to see the personality traits we’d been told about come out through the wedding day. Namely:

Katherine’s ability to write to-do list’s for EVERYTHING!
Spataro’s don’t cry. Spataro’s don’t cry. Spataro’s DO NOT CRY… (until the ceremony).
And the hugely anticipated speech from father of the groom Sebastian. (aka loud Italian character).

So I hope you enjoy the film and the little story that was Matthew and Katherine. 🙂

Matthew + Katherine – From Little Things, Big Things Grow.

Vendor Shoutout:
Wedding Venue – Private Farm Wedding
Tent Wedding Reception –
Wedding Videographer – Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Wedding Photographer – Best Man Weddings
Wedding Celebrant – Lisa McBeth
Wedding Flowers – Amy’s Flowers
Wedding Band – Late 80’s Mercedes

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Till next time, Jared and Pete.