Gracehill Weddings

Gracehill Vineyard Estate in Kumeu is a stunning wedding venue – with the total “fairytale” vibe made complete by the lake, picture perfect pagoda, and gorgeous grounds.

If you’re considering getting married at Gracehill – here’s a few things to help you out!


Ceremony Location

The ceremony generally takes place in the pagoda near the lake.

Gracehill ceremony location

We always recommend to people that you stand out in front of the pagoda – like this :

Gracehill ceremony where to stand

As opposed to up inside the pagoda itself.
If you do stand inside the pagoda, it means that your guests don’t have the best view of you & your bridal party … and also, it can mean you end up with really strong shadow-y light.

You can see here – the bride & groom are still luckily in the sun, but the groomsman in the background is caught in that half-sun, half shade lighting :

Gracehill ceremony where not to stand

The other great thing about all standing down in front of the pagoda is that we get the chance to move around and get shots of your reactions as you face one another in the ceremony :

Gracehill ceremony groom angle
Gracehill ceremony bride angle

Which isn’t anywhere near as easy if you’re tucked away up inside.

So now that you know where to stand … the next part is getting there!
Every Gracehill bride is nervous about navigating the steps in her wedding shoes haha! It certainly makes for a really grand, spectacular entrance to your wedding – and gives you time to slow down and take in the moment.

Gracehill ceremony entrance steps

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