Peter + Emma


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One of the questions we often put to our clients is “what 5 words would you use to sum up your wedding day?” Emma and Peter’s reply.. “Joyous, merry, communal, gothic-rock, relaxed”. It’s so cool to be able to come back to their aspirations after the day and be able to say that they absolutely nailed their vision.

Both Emma and her mum are sewing experts, so it was no surprise that they decided they decided to make Emma’s wedding dress. If you look closely in the right light, you’ll see that they went with an Inky blue/black fabric that suited Emma perfectly! 

On a bit of a last minute whim, Peter and Emma decided to get some photos of the guys getting ready on our way through to see the girls. I think this was the universe giving them a little heads up that one of the groomsmen (who shall remain nameless!) had left their suit pants in Auckland!!! Thankfully with the earlier getting ready time, they were able to make a quick trip into Matakana village to find some emergency “just in case” pants while one of their wedding guests shuttled the missing pair up to Matakana. Needless to say the emergency pants weren’t ideal, so you’ll notice there aren’t any photos from the knees down from this part of the day 😉

After everyone was reunited with their pants and after their intimate ceremony at St Andrews Church in Matakana, we raced off to catch the last of the autumn light. We explored our favourite woodland grotto, and as we emerged we realised that the sunset was going to be epic.

We call what happened next “photographer overdrive” (it looks like regular photographer mode from the outside, but inside it’s maximum excitement mixed with the terror of making the wrong call and missing the sunset!) as we raced back up the hills to try and get a good vantage point of the now brightly glowing red sky.

Having caught the sunset just in time, we headed back to their reception at The Stables via one more quick photo outside the church.

Peter and Emma’s friends and family treated them to some of the best speeches I’ve heard in a long time before they kicked off the dance floor. 

Vendor Shoutout:
Ceremony Venue: St Andrews, Matakana 
Reception Venue: Stables, Matakana
Matakana Wedding Photographer: Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Wedding Hair: Inspired Hair – Robyn Munro