St Francis Devonport – Nick + Lucy – Maritime Metaphors

St Francis Devonport | Storytelling Wedding Videographer | Officers Mess Venue
Wedding Videoed by Jared and Jola

From the outside looking in, it might be easy to view Nick and Lucy’s wedding as just that.  A kinda normal/classic wedding day.  They got married in a church, had some photos around Devonport and enjoyed a reception nearby.  But as Nick points out in his Maritime Metaphor, there’s a deeper story to be told that captures who Nick and Lucy are why they fit so well together.  And hence, the goal of their wedding video is that too.  It’s not just a capture of what happened on their wedding day.  But of who they are as people.

For Lucy, it was important to incorporate her Christian upbringing into her wedding, hence getting married at the beautiful St Francis de Sales in Devonport.  But as is all marriages, it’s two different worlds combining to form one new world together.  As Nick wasn’t brought up in the church, his gift of a cross to Lucy was actually quite significant.  A moment to say, I respect who you are and what’s important to you.

St Francis de Sales and All Souls Wedding

But like all good stories, there’s always another side to balance things out.  And so it is with this film.  Nick’s language might not always be ‘church’ appropriate.😝 And he’s also managed to install a little of his own traditions into the Fontinha’s household by the introduction of enjoying Cuban Montecristo Cigars every Christmas.  And with the festive decorations still up at the church, there was no more excuse needed to incorporate a few puffs of Cuban Cigars later that night!

Wedding Video Storytelling

So here’s Nick and Lucy’s wedding film.  It’s a story of two cultures and traditions coming together.  A perfect Maritime Metaphor.  It’s Nick bringing a little spice to the sailing while Lucy keeps the ship heading in the right direction!

St Francis Devonport | Nick + Lucy | Maritime Metaphors

We also photographed their wedding too! You can check all the photo goodness here! Devonport Wedding Photos – Nick + Lucy


devonport wedding photos


Vendor’s Shoutout:

Devonport Wedding Church – St Francis de Sales and All Souls
Devonport Wedding Reception – The Officers Mess
Wedding Make Up – Made Up By Ruth
Wedding Dress – Amber Whitecliff
Wedding Florist: Twig & Twine
Wedding Videographers – Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Wedding Photographers – Perspectives Photo + Cinema
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