Stuart + Cameron

Sweeter Together
Magical Gay Wedding

Oakura Bay Villa Wedding

Filmed by Jared and Jay

Love isn’t always easy or without compromise. Stuart and Cameron met at a London pub called The Two Brewers. And from there, (after Cam tuned his ear to Stu’s Scottish accent) their relationship started. 5 years later Stuart decided to move to New Zealand to make a new life with Cameron. So it was pretty cool to be there and witness the final chapter to a new beginning!
They met at a pub, over a drink. So we thought it might be a nice way to end their film just the same as it all began. Over a drink!


Vendor Shoutout:
Waiheke Wedding Venue – Oakura Bay Villa
Waiheke Wedding Videographer – Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Waiheke Wedding Photographer – ChaseWild
Waiheke Wedding Planner – My Waiheke
Waiheke Wedding Celebrant – Penny Ashton
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Jared and Jay

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