Same Day Looper Films


Same Day Edit Films


Same Day Edit films are just that. It’s your wedding day filmed, edited and featured in front of all your guests at your wedding reception that very night! It’s a complete surprise for your wedding guests and adds a massive buzz to your reception as you and your guests get to absorb what has just happened and relive the best moments throughout your day!

They come in two varieties. The more affordable Same Day Looper and the big impact The Same Day Edit Film



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Same Day Looper

The Same Day Looper is the most affordable option and is a great talking point for your guests throughout the night. It has no audio or music and is about 2 minutes long. The film is “Looped” and plays continuously throughout the whole night on our laptop which sits near the guest book or presents table at the reception. This means your guests can come up and watch it in their own time throughout the reception. It’s the buzz of an SDE film but it lasts all night!

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Here’s the 3 Same Day Looper Films


Chris + Natalie

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Josh + Candice

[viewbox] [/viewbox]

Athur + Aradhna

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