same day edit – ascension wedding video – peter + lindsay

Same Day Edit | Ascension Wedding Video | Peter + Lindsay

Same Day Edits wedding videos are always a lot of fun to make! There’s nothing like a little challenge of 220 people watching your video that very night to get the blood pumping!!

Add to that, we had to squeeze in speeches into the edit, which to spice things up weren’t spoken in english! But we made it and the grin on everyones faces was pretty cool to see as they watched the days events unfold at the reception.

So without further ado, here’s Peter and Lindsay’s Same Day Edit film!

Vendor Shoutout

Wedding Venue – Ascensions Estate
Horse Carriage – Matakana Carriages
Wedding Videographers – Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Wedding Photographers – Perspectives Photo + Cinema

Thanks again for stopping by and checking out our wedding videos!

Filmed and Edited by Jared and Jay

PS: If you’re planning your wedding and you stumbled upon this page… don’t wait till a week out from your wedding day before you think of this.  Click this link, and have a read now!!  What Your Photographer Can’t Capture… And Brides Almost Always Regret.  It’s food for thought anyway. 🙂


same day edit