Rushabh + Manasi

The Beat That Makes Music
Story - Romantic - Unique

Many years ago I latched onto a saying during a filmmaking course I took which said: “Don’t move the story, until the story moves you”. And for Rushabh and Manasi’s wedding, this couldn’t have been more true.

During the morning preparations both Rushabh and Manasi exchanged letters and gifts. And unbeknown to the other, they both gave the gift of music. After Rushabh gave Manasi a piece of artwork and an original song he wrote and composed titled “Marigolden Days”, I figured Manasi had a tall order to match that!! But to my surprise (and very much Rushabh’s surprise) Manasi’s gift was a winner. The custom made musical drum definitely hit the right ‘note’ with Rushabh.

But throughout the 10 hours or so I spent with them, their story ran deeper than just the physical gift of music they exchanged. But what moved me was a story of harmony.

It was two families coming together in complete respect and admiration for the other. It was the ability to listen and understand the other to know what makes them light up inside. It was responding in harmony to the then 25 guests limit with the words; “Whatever the tune or beat life gives us, we will make music

So this is their story. With the underscore being Rushabh’s very own composition of “Marigolden Days” which he played to Manasi for the first time on their wedding day, this is the story of harmony which is of course, what music really is.


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