rarotonga wedding video – pete + mel – island time

Rarotonga Wedding Video – Pete + Mel – Island Time

As you may have realised, Pete’s the other half of our cinema team here at Perspectives. He moved over from Rarotonga about 4 years ago to help us film weddings here in NZ. So it was pretty cool to head back over to Rarotonga to video his wedding day!!

And in true Pete an Mel style, they did things their way! Which meant breakfast together, followed by some very quick consumption of alcohol to kick start the morning! But from then on, things didn’t quite pan out as expected. The weather turned, and everyone was greeted by the very first of the seasonal rains! Gulp. But true to form, it didn’t phase Pete and Mel one bit. They totally embraced what came their way and they had the most amazing day!!

When it came to their wedding edit, we decided to take a slightly different approach to how we usually tell stories. And for the first time in our wedding videos, we added a narrative to the film to help bring the story to life. And thanks to Kevin Keys for being the man behind the voice!

So I hope you all enjoy their wedding film, the dynamic that is Pete and Mel… and who really wears the pants!!

rarotonga wedding video – pete + mell – island time


And just in case you were wondering… no Pete didn’t help film his own wedding. My brother Paul from ShaunPaulCreative helped me out on the day! So it was pretty cool to be able to work with him at a wedding!!

We also photographed their wedding too! So check out the link here to have a peak at their photos!
Aitutaki wedding photos

Vendor Shoutout.
Rarotonga Wedding Video – Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Rarotonga Wedding Photo – Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Rarotonga Wedding Ceremony – One Foot Island Aitutaki
Rarotonga Wedding Reception – Tamanu Beach Aitutaki
Aitutaki Ferry – Bishop Cruses

We hope you liked Pete and Mel’s Rarotonga Wedding Video! You’re welcome to leave a comment below if you like!

Cheers, Jared and Paul

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