Earl + Helen

A Million Times Better
An Original Queenstown Wedding

We didn’t realise it at first, but Earl and Helen turned out to be our perfect couple! Early on Earl and Helen mentioned to us that they wanted a low fuss, simple wedding with just a hand full of their closest friends surrounding them.  So instead of the hustle and bustle of Auckland, they all flew down to Queenstown where it was a little calmer than the big city life!

However, getting to know Earl and Helen a little better we soon warmed to their quirky dynamic and found that there was another side to them and their wedding day than just your run of the mill cliche wedding moments.

So the result is a little film that totally captures who Earl and Helen are as people.  It’s about two people who are totally comfortable being themselves and doing things their way.  It’s about how Earl loves to hold Helen’s hand.  It’s about how even though Earl loves his craft beer, he loves Helen “a million times better”.

And that’s why they’re a perfect match for us.  Totally happy to be themselves and have a wedding day that was truly theirs.


Vendor Shoutout:
Queenstown Wedding Ceremony: Stoneridge Estate
Queenstown Wedding Photographer: Emily Adamson
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Queenstown Wedding Video