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Pre-Wedding Photography New Zealand: New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with our incredible and varied landscapes – it’s the perfect location for pre-wedding and post-wedding photos. We’ve put together a few of our favourite pre-wedding photo locations – in Auckland, Taupo and Queenstown and categorised them into the types of locations you could choose from for your pre-wedding photo shoot.

New Zealand is known for it’s natural, wild and rugged scenery – and we want to embrace this with our style of photography. We want photos that showcase the landscape, but also reflect real and natural moments between you. So without further ado – We invite you to explore New Zealand with us.


Pre-Wedding Photography New Zealand Location: Enchanted Forests

The classic image of New Zealand bush with ferns and waterfalls is just a small part of what New Zealand forests have to offer.

You’ll find pine forests that glow golden in the evening light, glades that turn red and orange in Autumn and are green and lush in spring. We know a range of locations throughout New Zealand – the options are endless.

Pre_Wedding_Photography_New_Zealand Pre-Wedding_Photographer_Auckland Pre_Wedding_Photography_Auckland Pre_Wedding_Photography_Taupo Pre_Wedding_Photography_Auckland


Pre-Wedding Photography New Zealand Location: Wild Beaches and White Sands

New Zealand East and West Coast are completely different looks. The West Coast is known for it’s black Sand beaches, crashing waves and dramatic cliffs. The East Coast is more tropical looking and has pristine white sands, low hanging Pohutukawa with gnarled branches and calm blue seas.

Our favourite beaches out West include Muriwai and Bethells Beach (where most of the photos below were taken). Sunset on the West coast is something else, and you can often be the only people in sight! If you’ve fallen in love with the white sand look – the Coromandel is the place for you.

Pre-Wedding_Photography_New_Zealand Pre_Wedding_Photography_AucklandPre Wedding Photography NZ Pre_Wedding_Photography_New_ZealandPre-Wedding_Photography_New_ZealandPre_Wedding_Photography_Auckland Pre_Wedding_Photography_AucklandPre_Wedding_Photography_AucklandPre_Wedding_Photography_Auckland

Pre-Wedding Photography New Zealand Location: Crashing Waterfalls

West Auckland and the Waitakere Ranges are home to a number of hidden waterfalls. Usually a short walk away through ferns and native bush –  these beauties are seldom seen from the road. We’ve discovered some incredible waterfalls in Taupo and have only really just scratched the surface of what NZ has to offer.

Pre_Wedding_Photography_New_Zealand Pre_Wedding_Photography_TaupoPre_Wedding_Photography_Auckland Pre_Wedding_Photography_New_Zealand

Pre-Wedding Photography New Zealand Location: Epic Mountains

If mountains are what you are looking for – Queenstown is the place to be. There are a number of impressive peaks that are accessible by car, and if you want to open a whole other word – a helicopter flight to some of the more remote places is relatively affordable.

Another option in the North Island is Taupo and the surrounding National Park. The variation of this landscape makes is the perfect spot for a pre wedding shoot – you could spend years exploring this terrain and keep finding new and exciting spots.

Pre_Wedding_Photography_New_Zealand Pre_Wedding_Photography_Taupo Pre_Wedding_Photography_Queenstown
Pre-Wedding_Photography_New_ZealandPre_Wedding_Photography_Taupo Pre_Wedding_Photography_QueenstownPre_Wedding_Photography_Queenstown Pre_Wedding_Photography_Queenstown Pre_Wedding_Photography_New_Zealand Pre_Wedding_Photography_Taupo Pre_Wedding_Photography_Auckland

Pre-Wedding Photography New Zealand Location: The Urban Landscape

Somewhat underrated is Auckland’s urban landscape. Once you’ve finished exploring the coast, some evening photos in Auckland City are a perfect point of difference. Grand buildings are tucked away throughout the city, and come evening, the city lights make a perfect backdrop.

Pre_Wedding_Photography_Auckland Pre_Wedding_Photography_New_Zealand Pre_Wedding_Photography_Auckland Pre_Wedding_Photography_Auckland Pre_Wedding_Photography_New_Zealand


Pre-Wedding Photography New Zealand Advice: Four Seasons in One Day

Whatever time of year you find yourself in New Zealand – there’s always something to look forward to. If you’re after a specific look – have a chat to us about when would be the best time of year. Or if you already know your holiday / travel plans we can help you make the most of each season.

Spring  (September – November)
Spring flowers in New Zealand are a little tricky to find – if you don’t know where to look. Fortunately we have some amazing secret spots with the most reliable blooms!
November is Lupin Season in the South Island. From mid September you’ll start seeing the cherry blossoms staring to flower.

Pre_Wedding_Photography_Queenstown Pre_Wedding_Photography_New_Zealand

Summer  (December – February)
Summer is the most beautiful time to holiday in New Zealand, but it’s also the busiest. Finding a spot on the beaches to yourself can prove to be a little more challenging, but it’s worth the effort! The Pohutukawa trees start to flower around December and add bright red accents to the East Coast beaches and bunny tails (fluffy topped grasses that glow in the evening light!) start to grow throughout the dunes.

Pre_Wedding_Photography_NZ Pre_Wedding_Photography_NZ

Autumn (March – May)
Autumn is perhaps our favourite month! You’ll find hints of red and orange scattered in the urban landscapes – and if you really want to make the most of it – Arrowtown in Autumn is a sight you won’t forget. The sun sets a little earlier at this time of year and the golden light, combined with the browned off grasses mean Autumn sunsets are magical!

Pre_Wedding_Photography_NZ Pre_Wedding_Photography_Queenstown

Winter (June – August)
There are a few places in the South Island where you’ll be able to guarantee snow capped mountains (Queenstown is perfect!) but a typical New Zealand winter mainly features… rain. Not to worry though, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to embrace the rain. New Zealand is also the perfect location for stormy and moody skies – which make for the most dramatic photos.


Bonus tips:

If you’re looking for somewhere special to stay while you’re in New Zealand – Canopy Camping offers a range of special and unique accomodation in some of New Zealand’s most beautiful locations.

We work with some amazing hair and makeup artists throughout New Zealand. We’re more than happy to offer suggestions for most of New Zealand, but in the mean time you can check out Lipstick & Co (Auckland and Tauranga) Eve Makeup Artistry (Queenstown).

If you’d like to see more of our work – you can head on over to our recent page and see some of our favourite wedding photos here.