plume wedding video – nick + ayesha

Matakana Wedding | Plume Wedding Video | Nick + Ayesha
Videoed by Jared and Jay


Nick was completely surrounded. There was literally no escaping this moment. With their guests blocking all exits and enveloping them in a “circle of love” Nick stepped up to the plate to speak his vows to his bride Ayesha.

Well it wasn’t that bad, but there were a few nerves on Nicks part and there definitely weren’t any exits! Nick and Ayesha decided to do things a little differently for their wedding ceremony. Instead of a traditional aisle and guests all facing one way, they arranged the seating a big circle so almost everyone had front row seats! How cool is that!

So maybe it was the layout, or maybe it was his beautiful bride standing in front of him, but Nick took a few big breaths and began his vows!

Here’s how it all turned out…

nick + ayesha – “circle of love”

We photographed their wedding too! So click the photo below to check out the stills from their day.

plume wedding video

Vendor Shoutout:

Venue: Plume Vineyard & Restaurant 
Auckland Wedding Videograpers: Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Matakana Wedding Photographers: Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Wedding Celebrant: Chris Mullane
Florist: Annie Oxborough
Hair and Makeup: Lipstick & Co.
Planning and Styling: Oh Such Style!

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Jared and Jay

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plume wedding video