Epic Storytelling

The whole idea of ‘epic storytelling’ came one about one night while we were sitting around a campfire. Well … not an actual campfire, it was more like a heat pump. But you get the gist. Deep, meaningful discussions – trying to distill the essence of our style, our brand – our vision – into a small sentence. The result? Epic storytelling.

ok, let’s break that down. (as Isaac puts another log on the fire)

So the first bit. Epic.

We’re masters of light, and strong composition. We see movement and energy. We listen … (dramatic pause as the embers crackle and pop). Through the use of audio, still and moving images we tell a story that’s dramatic and bold. Intimate and moving. Through both photo and cinema we capture stories in the most epic way we possibly can.

Now tell me, how much cooler is a campfire when there’s a good story to tell!

The most meaningful stories we can tell are people based. We want to capture who you are as a person, and the excitement of marrying the love of your life. This trumps everything else. Yip, your details and decorations are nice, and we’ll document them too – but the coolest thing we can do is capture what matters most. People. It’s your family and friends. It’s the story of you.

And the secret sauce that holds it all together? All day coverage. Meaningful moments often happen un-announced. We realised your story isn’t defined by your schedule, so we figured neither is our time. Yip, that’s right, we’ll be there all day and keep that fire stoked well into the night!

So that is who we are, and what we like to call “Epic Storytelling”.

(anyone for toasted marshmallows?)