palmerston north wedding video – jeremy + alice

Just before Christmas we flew down to Palmerston North to video Jeremy and Alice’s wedding.  Now it turns out Alice and Jeremy are a couple with many talents.  Alice is a trained singer.  Jeremy plays drums, guitar and piano.  Alice also has a wedding photo+video business in Alice Films.  So it was a real privilege to be able to video their wedding for them!!  And although they didn’t get their hands on our cameras they did manage to find their way into the band later that night!!

Alice also had a few surprises for Jeremy at their wedding.  Firstly she cut off her long hair the morning of and hid it with a well matched bun until after the ceremony.  There was the pink wedding dress, and also a book Alice had been writing in for the last six years with letters addressed to her future husband.  How romantic is that!  

But above all Jeremy and Alice were so smitten with each other.  And their excitement totally showed through on their wedding day.  They totally lived in the moment and made it their own.

So here’s their wedding video.  Thanks Jeremy and Alice,  You guys rock!

Jared and Pete.


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