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Our 12-15min Feature Films are the very best of what we do. These films are highly crafted and unique to each couple we have the pleasure of working with.


Landscape Architects are dangerous.  Be forewarned.  Marrying them is not what it seems!

You see, Gareth and Bex couldn’t quite find the perfect place to marry.  Nothing seemed to fit.  But with Gareth being a very handy landscaper the words “can’t find” just gets replaced with “looks like I’ll build it”.

So, queue awesome unused forest out the back of Woodlands Estate.   A massive clean up effort.   Planting a bed of grass. Irrigating that grass.  Mowing that grass.  Many many working bees. Making and hanging a romantic swing. Building a fairy light tent from scratch.  Mowing that grass one last time and bingo, we have a brand new wedding venue!!

Now that’s why Landscape Architects are dangerous … but totally worth marring!! Below is the Feature Film which captures that story above and all the emotions that their wedding day brought. … and Gareth, just think about killing fish and you’ll be fine! 😉


First impressions seem to last… and with Chris nervously waiting to meet Audrianna’s dad for the first time, you could say that ah … it didn’t go down so well.  😬  And unfortunately for Chris, the wedding day wasn’t any easier…  For one, Chris’s ‘shortness’ didn’t improve at all, and second, he had to pledge eternal superiority to his rival football team, Manchester United… on camera.

But for all the humiliation and the gauntlet of challenges Chris had to face, he finally got permission to marry his bride.  All be it, with a strict ‘no returns’ policy in place! 😜

So below isn’t just a wedding video of two people getting married. It’s a portrait of Chris, Audrianna and everything that makes their story unique and meaningful to them. Something no one else can have, bar them!