Our Premium Storytelling Films

Here’s a selection of short stories we’ve had the privilege of telling on people’s wedding days. Each film is 100% inspired by who our couples are and the moments that made their day unique and meaningful to them.


Dennis + Sook – My Default BFF

Well, I suppose if you’re going to say it, it might as well be during your wedding speech!  But Dennis and Sook did pretty much have their own language they communicated it, so I have to say they do fit together quite well!

Jonathan + Darcee – Our Little Family

How to resolve conflict at the wedding ceremony?  Easy:  Paper-Scissors-Rock.  But it wasn’t so easy at their first look when the tears built up!  Here’s a story that’s bigger than just Jonathan and Darcee.  It’s a story about their little family.  And hang around till the end for some cuteness galore!



The rule book went out the window for this one. Traditional church wedding. Long wedding dress. Sit down dinner. If it wasn’t quite Mike and Melissa, it got the cut. Quite literally! Hence Melissa’s wedding dress was short, as Mike is quite found of said legs! And Mike made sure he got his grand entrance to the ceremony, not just Melissa! This was their wedding, from head to toe bare feet.




Just after they were announced husband and wife, Thomas reached into his jacket pocket and handed Cindy an envelope. Her reaction was one of the most beautiful moments we’ve ever captured on film. Here is their story.

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