Orakei Bay Venue – John + Crystal – Guess the Lips

Orakei Bay Venue – John + Crystal – Chinese Wedding Video
Filmed by Jared and Priscilla

Statistically, John never had a chance. 15 women had already ‘made their mark’ to lead the poor groom-to-be astray. And with his groomsman doing push-ups and handing out the last of their red envelopes, John either got lucky or really knew what Crystal’s lips looked like extremely well!! 😘 But after all his troubles, he finally got to marry his beautiful bride at the Orakei Bay Venue on a very sunny day!

So here’s a little video we made for them. It has John in a skirt, Crystal in four wedding dresses, and the groom’s lips just a little redder after he acquired said kiss from 1 of the 15 ladies advertising them. (Sorry grandma!)


John + Crystal – Guess The Lips…


Thanks so much for taking the time to check out John and Crystal’s fun little wedding video!

Till next time, Jared and Priscilla.

Orakei Bay Venue