Nic & Lara

Mudbrick Vineyard

Mudbrick Waiheke    |   Waiheke Wedding Photographer

Lara and Nic’s Mudbrick wedding was a day filled with the biggest smiles, hilarious speeches and a race against the light!

Being a June wedding, we were super conscious of the sunset time. We’d made our plans and everything was going to be tight, but fine. That was until we got word that the ferry carrying all their guests to Waiheke – was running late.
We quickly pivoted the plan (we’re pros at pivoting!) and managed to fit in everything Nic and Lara wanted for their wedding day (albeit in a slightly different order).

I had joined Lara earlier in the day as she got ready at the lodge at Mudbrick. Having everything in the one spot meant that Lara’s talented bridal party were able to help with the decorating and what an incredible job they did!

Their ceremony was led by their amazing celebrant Jess. One of my favourite moments of the day was just as they were getting ready for the ceremony to begin. Jess asked all the guests to take out their phones. At this point I was almost expecting a collection bin to come around, but no! Jess asked everyone to take a selfie and send it to Nic and Lara, so that after the ceremony they’d have a record of all the smiling faces that were sharing this moment with them. Such a cool idea and had the added bonus of then being able to make sure everyone had their phone switched off 😉

Later in the evening I looked outside to see the first few spots of rain for the day. Lara had mentioned that she would LOVE a rain photo, so I rushed about getting all the lighting set up and ready. Just as I was about to shoulder tap Nic and Lara and sneak them outside… the rain stopped.
It managed to do this three more times before we finally got the timing lined up and I was stoked to be able to finish the evening with an epic rain shot for them 🙂

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Vendor Shoutout:
Wedding Venue: Mudbrick Waiheke
Celebrant: Tess Carter
Waiheke wedding photographer: Perspectives Photo + Cinema 
Wedding Band: Pat for President