Mike + Danielle

The Eventuality of Mr & Mrs Wood
Light Hearted - Banter - Fun

Markovina Wedding Video

Filmed by Jared and Shaun

This could make for quite a good Mainland Cheese ad… because in Mike and Danielle’s case, good things really do take time! Mike and Danielle have known each other for 18 years in total, but like a good cheese, things didn’t quite mature until 3 years ago when the romance finally came of age.

So here’s a story about how Mike and Danielle celebrated their wedding. There is banter, a number of classic cars and after a wee bit of clarification and alignment of last names!

Thanks for watching Mike and Danielle’s wedding film! Stay tuned though, because we photographed their wedding too! So watch this space there.

Till next time, Jared

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