Merlin + Christina

'Boyfriend' and 'Girlfriend'
Unique - Heart - Fun

A Love Triangle isn’t normally something to be advertised. Especially when it’s announced at a wedding ceremony. But for Merlin and Christina (and the celebrant Niki), the rumours had already begun to spread. There really was no other option but to come clean on this ‘unique arrangement’.

Thankfully, all their guests seemed to be understanding enough of the evolving situation and accepted that ‘husband’, ‘wife’, and ‘undeniably tethered boyfriend and girlfriend’ were here to stay. 😉

And given it’s 2021 and covid loves us all, we just have to adapt to new things right? Like having the wedding in Auckland instead of Portland, Oregon where their Christmas themed wedding was originally planned for.

Like a delicately balanced Love Triangle, this wasn’t easy, but with Aunty Michele and many of their loved ones watching on through a livestream and video messages played at the reception, the love was always there and brought everyone as close as one could hope for given the circumstances.

So here’s their film about a boyfriend and girlfriend who threw off the ‘norms’ of wedding appropriateness and did things three-way (I mean) their way. They remembered those who meant something to them and had the joyful, festive and heart filled wedding they were always going to have.


Many thanks go to the amazing celebrants on the day. Niki and Rosie (btw, who has two celebrants right? How flash!!) The ring from Aunty Michele and Kumeu Valley Estate for hosting us all. 

Till next time.



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